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Drug crimes vary in type and extremity, and it’s important to know the potential consequences of what each type of drug crime carries. Talking to a drug crime attorney in St. Cloud, MN as soon as possible is important.

There are various types of degrees of drug crimes for the state, and there are federal crimes as well. Some of the drugs that are considered illegal to own, distribute, or handle are cocaine, crack, speed, LSD, and more.

Law enforcement must follow rules set forth in the State and Federal Constitutions when gathering evidence. Improper procedures in evidence gathering, such as unreasonable search and seizure and the unlawful taking of statements may lead to the State’s evidence being suppressed if law enforcement violated your rights.

Hire an experienced attorney such as Sam D. Young, Attorney at Law today. He has experience with both the law and the drug task force. With his expertise, he can examine the nuances of drug crime law, looking at all the facts and evidence gathered, and help fight your case fairly in court.

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