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For 20 years, Sam D. Young has served clients in Minnesota with criminal defense cases. Call his office today for a free consultation.

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Criminal Defense

Charged of a crime and not sure where to turn? You need the best representative to take care of you. Allow Sam D. Young, a qualified and trusted attorney, to defend you in court.


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Receiving a DUI comes with serious consequences for your record. Sam D. Young knows how to gather proper evidence to help you to have a fair trial and give you a fighting chance.


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Juvenile Deliquency

Give your child a fighting chance in court by allowing Sam D. Young to represent them. He will dedicate his time and resources to make sure he or she is properly spoken for.


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Domestic Assault

Consequences can be severe when receiving a domestic assault charge. Depend on Sam D. Young to give you proper representation and ensure that you are given the best chance possible.


Protect Your Rights With Help From a Criminal Defense Attorney in St. Cloud, MN


When you find yourself in trouble with the law, let the legal professionals at the Law Office of Sam D. Young provide you with apt legal counsel and services. Whether you need a defense attorney or a DUI lawyer to advocate for you, you’ll find a friendly, professional confidant who can give you your best chance as you face claims, trials, or other legal ramifications.

We aim to be courteous and reliable in every interaction we have, and we also strive to be efficient and accurate as we help you work through your case. Whatever your legal need, turn to us. We’re conveniently located in St. Cloud, MN, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you need our expertise.

A Range of Legal Knowledge to Provide You With the Best Outcome

Our practice areas include criminal defense, domestic assault, drug crimes, DUIs, and juvenile delinquency. Since 1996, we’ve both prosecuted and defended individuals in all levels of criminal cases. You can rely on our legal expertise to guide you through your case and provide you with the best possible outcome.

We’re also committed to honesty and integrity. You can count on us to uphold these values as we discuss your case, gather evidence, and work together during trials, court appearances, settlements, and other legal meetings.

Use the tabs at the top of this page to learn more about our legal services. When you’re ready to reach out to us, call 320-266-7726. We offer free initial consultations to every client. No matter what you need assistance with, we’re confident we can help.


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