Criminal Defense in St Cloud, MN

When you face criminal charges, you may feel frightened or even terrified. You don’t know what avenues you can pursue to defend yourself, and you don’t know how to create a defense that earns you the lightest possible sentence. However, if a criminal defense lawyer guides you, you won’t have to endure as much uncertainty. Your lawyer has the knowledge and skill to improve your prospects.

Sam D. Young, Attorney at Law, has served people like you across the St. Cloud, MN area for over 20 years. So, whether you have been charged with a DWI or domestic assault, you have an advocate in Sam D. Young. He understands your crisis, and he will listen to you and work alongside you to ensure the situation impacts your future as little as possible.

Know What Sets Sam D. Young Apart

Sam Young has experience with both prosecuting and defending criminal cases. Because he has worked on both sides of criminal law, he knows how the prosecution thinks, and he can craft a stronger defense as a result. When you hire Sam Young as your criminal defense lawyer, you improve your chances of receiving an acquittal or a lighter sentence.

Sam Young can defend you no matter what charges the authorities have levied against you. He can even handle serious criminal charges like controlled substance and sex crimes, as well as assault and murder. So, if you live in St. Cloud, MN or the surrounding areas, call anytime, any day of the week to book your initial consultation and begin building your defense.

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Don’t try to navigate your case without guidance from an aggressive criminal defense lawyer. Call Sam D. Young, Attorney at Law at 320.266.7726 to schedule your first consultation. He accepts clients from St. Cloud, MN or anywhere within the Twin Cities metro area.


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